When a trip requires more than one bus route, passengers can transfer from one route to another. Transfers are free.

Here's how it's done:

  • The driver will announce and stop at a transfer station.
  • Transferring passengers will ask the driver for a transfer token before exiting.
  • Need additional route information? Now's the time to ask the driver.
  • Locate your next bus.
  • Check the Destination Sign above the windshield to ensure it's the correct bus. When in doubt ask the driver.
  • Board.
  • Pay the fare with the transfer token.

It's that easy.

Transfer tokens are only good at a transfer station. And they can only be used for an immediate transfer. Transfer tokens cannot be used:
  • At another stop for a fare.
  • At a different transfer station.
  • At the same transfer station at a later time.
Transfer stations are located at:
  • The northeast corner of Walmart west.
  • The southeast corner of Walmart east.
  • Beech Street east of the Natrona County Library.
  • Smiths parking lot by the sign.