M-F: 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Sat: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
*Purple and Orange Routes run from 7:00 AM - 6:00PM. There is no Saturday service on Purple or Orange.


$ 1.00 General Public
$ 0.50 Seniors, Disabled, Medicare
$ 0.75 Students
FREE Children under 5
$30.00 General Public Monthly Pass
$15.00 Senior/Disabled Monthly Pass
$25.00 Student Monthly Pass

View/Download Schedules


New Year's Day | Labor Day | Memorial Day | Thanksgiving Day | Independence Day | Christmas Day


  1. Get a schedule. Copies are available on board the buses, the CATC office, City Hall, Natrona County Public Library, and the Senior Center.
  2. Choose your route. Check the schedule to find your stop.
  3. Wait at the stop five minutes before departure.
  4. Board The Bus. Make sure you're getting on the right route. Wait for other passengers to exit. If you are unsure, ask the driver if the bus goes to your destination. If you have difficulty boarding, ask the driver to lower the wheelchair lift for you.
  5. Pay your fare. Drivers do not carry change, so you must have the exact fare when you board the bus.
  6. Enjoy the ride!
  7. Get off The Bus. Pull the signal cord when available, or inform the driver about one block before your stop. Stay seated until the bus completely stops and be sure to take your belongings with you. Don't cross the street in front of the bus; wait for it to leave the stop.

If you have questions, ask the driver! They are always happy to help!



The Bus pamphlet consists of a route map and a schedule. The map illustrates all bus routes and stops.

The schedule details bus stop names, addresses and departure times.
The Bus pamphlet is available online. It can viewed, printed or saved on any device capable of reading pdf files. It's compatible with most smartphones, tablets and book readers. Just click on the schedule or map below:

Need a reader a pdf reader for your computer? Try Adobe's free PDF reader. iBooks is an excellent pdf reader for an iphone.


Paper Pamphlets

Are free and available at:

Thanks to Catherine Johnson Morris, Vision Specialist, Special Education Services Center, Natrona County School District, and her students; the pamphlets can be refolded to display a route's map and schedule at the same time.