Route Deviations

When time allows, The Bus can deviate from it’s fixed route and stop at another location within a two block radius of the bus route/ stop. Route deviations cost more and require at least one hour advanced notice by calling (307) 237-4287.

Drivers cannot schedule a route deviation.



To request a route deviation:

  • Call The Bus dispatch at (307) 237-4287 or (307) 237-4BUS.
  • Call at least one hour in advance.
  • Give dispatch your name, the route, time and desired address.
  • Dispatch will contact The Bus driver to determine if a route deviation is possible. Then dispatch will notify you.
If The Bus is deviating to a pickup address:
  • Be ready to go ten minutes before The Bus‘s planned arrival.
  • Watch for The Bus.
  • Passengers must be ready to immediately board when The Bus arrives.
  • The Bus will not wait for you to get ready.
  • Board The Bus and pay the Route Deviation fare cash only.
If The Bus is deviating to a drop off address:
  • When boarding, tell The Bus driver your name and that a deviation was requested.
  • The driver will verify the deviation information issued by dispatch.
  • Board The Bus and pay the Deviation fare cash only.


A route deviation costs more than a standard fare:

General Public Route Deviation – $2.00 ONE WAY cash only

Route Deviation for seniors 60 years and older, passengers with disabilities, and Medicare recipients – $1.00 ONE WAY cash only.