Plan Your Route

Do It By Hand

The first step in choosing a route is getting The Bus schedule. This schedule contains a map illustration various bus routes and stops. And a table detailing bus stop locations, and scheduled departure times is printed on the reverse side. Arrive at the designated stop at least five minutes in advance.

Take a look at the map. Notice that The Bus routes are color coded. The color of the routes corresponds to the name of The Bus running that route.

  • The Green Bus serves the Counseling Center, Family Services, Trails Center.
  • The Yellow Bus serves CY Avenue, Paradise Valley, and Sunrise every other hour.
  • The Blue Bus serves Downtown, the Mall and East 2nd Street ending at Walmart and return Downtown
  • The Red Bus serves Life Steps, Casper College, KW, YMCA.
  • The Orange Bus serves the town of Evansville, Walmart East and Blackmore Plaza . Doesn’t operate on Saturday.
  • The Purple Bus serves the town of Mills, Walmart West and Smiths. Doesn’t operate on Saturday.

Now take a look at the table.

  • Notice all bus stops are visited by The Bus once, at the same time, every hour.
  • The Green, Yellow, Blue and Red Buses meet at the Transfer Station located on Beech Street, east of the Natrona County Library at the bottom of the hour.
  • The Evansville Orange Bus and the Blue Bus transfer passengers on the east end of Walmart East.
  • The Mills Purple Bus, the Yellow Bus and the Green Bus transfer passengers on the north end of Walmart West and by the parking lot sign at Smiths every hour.

The Bus dispatch is ready to help. Call, email, post a letter, or stop by and visit. Just contact us.

Nobody knows The Bus better than the drivers. Meet The Bus at your nearest bus stop and ask.