Before meeting the CATC bus, it’s important to know the Rider’s Code of Conduct. Not everything can be carried or is allowed on CATC.



Passengers must be available when the CATC arrives. Drivers are not allowed to enter a passengers residence.

Drivers will assist passengers using a wheelchair to and from the bus.

Drivers are prohibited from assisting passengers using a wheelchair under the following conditions:

  • Up or down stairs.
  • Through inaccessible, steep, slick driveways or ramps.
It is the passenger’s responsibility to provide proper access for CATC service. Have questions about proper access? Just contact us. CATC can provide curb service at inaccessible locations.

When CATC arrives:

  • The driver will go to the door when possible.
  • It’s too late to start getting ready when the driver is at the door.
  • The passenger has three minutes to board.
  • CATC will leave after three minutes if the passenger isn’t ready to board.
Always call dispatch when CATC is more than 15 minutes late. Do not call to check on a ride before the 15 minute window has expired.

Driver Assistance

CATC drivers assist passengers to and from the door. And they carry up to six grocery sized bags to the door.

Passengers using a mobility device are required to use the device’s seat belt, their own lap belt, or a lap belt provided by CATC before using the lift.

Drivers perform all lift operations. And fasten mobility devices into the bus’s restraint system.


Passenger needs, traffic, and the weather make it impossible to schedule an exact pickup time. A 15 minute pickup window exists before and after the scheduled pickup time. All passengers must be ready to meet the CATC anytime inside that window. Here’s how it works:

  • Dispatch will give a scheduled pickup time when making reservations.
  • CATC can arrive as early as 15 minutes before that time.
  • CATC can arrive as late as 15 minutes after that time.
  • Be ready to go 20 minutes before the desired pickup time.
  • If possible write the pick up time on the calendar.


CATC one way fares are paid using tickets. Tickets are purchased at the Casper Area Transportation Coalition office. Or they can be obtained through the mail. Contact us to make arrangements.

Before boarding, just give the driver a ticket.

On a limited basis, drivers can accept cash in place of a ticket. Exact change must be used as the drivers can’t make change.

General Public Fare – $5.00

Reduced Fare for elderly, disabled or Medicare passengers – $2.00

Children 12 and under accompanied by an adult – $1.00