Lost and Found

It’s impossible for The Bus and CATC to be responsible for personal items left behind on the buses. But it’s not impossible that lost items can be recovered.

It’s important that the Casper Area Transportation Coalition office is contacted, as soon as possible, after an item is lost. Please call (307) 265-1313 or (307) 237-4287 and provide:

  • An accurate description of the lost item.
  • The time and bus route where it was lost.
  • A contact number where you can be reached.
Dispatch will contact the driver. And when it’s safe, the driver will pull over and make a quick search.

If the item is found, dispatch will call you back and tell how how to reclaim it. It’s often possible to reclaim a lost item from a bus driver on a return trip.

At the end of the day, unclaimed items, left on the buses, are returned to the office. If an item contains contact information, the office will attempt to contact the owner.

Items without identification are stored for two weeks. If not claimed before then, they are discarded.