Catch The Bus

The Bus regularly stops at designated bus stops. All bus stops are located next to a bus stop sign. These signs describe which route stops there. Besides the sign, some stops will have a bench, or a bus shelter.

To catch The Bus, it is necessary to locate a bus stop and wait there for The Bus.

The Lift
If the lift is needed, just tell the driver BEFORE it's time to board.


Traveling with a bicycle? Load the bike into the bike rack on the front of The Bus. It's the bicyclist's responsibility to secure their bike in the bike rack. Always wait until the driver acknowledges your presence, as it's a very dangerous to casually walk in front of a The Bus. Never assume the driver sees you.

Only after the driver gives permission:

  • Walk in front of The Bus.
  • Lower the bike rack.
  • Place your bike in the rack.
  • Secure your bike to the bike rack
  • Que up in line and prepare to board The Bus.

First time using the bike rack? Look complicated? It's easy. Just ask the driver. They will show you how.

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Waiting for The Bus:

  • Arrive, at the bus stop, at least five minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Get your fare including a bus pass, token or exact fare read before the bus arrives.
  • As The Bus approaches, check the marquee above The Bus windshield. Make sure this is the right bus or ask the driver.
  • Restrain children from entering the path of The Bus.
  • Stay back from the curb.
  • Give The Bus room to safely stop and open the door.
  • Stay back. Passengers exiting The Bus will get off first.
  • Que in line and prepare to board The Bus.