Passengers are encouraged to arrive at their designated bus stop at least five minutes in advance. Drivers are prohibited from returning to bus stops for late passengers.

The destination sign shows this is the right bus. Passengers getting off have disembarked. It's time to board The Bus.

Enter Safely

The Bus floor is seldom level. And weather conditions sometimes produce a slippery floor. So:

  • Always use the stairs carefully and deliberately.
  • Always use the handrails.
  • Use seat backs and headrests for additional support.

Pay the Fare

Each bus is equipped with a fare box on the right hand side of the stairway. Place the exact fare or proper token in the top of the fare box. Make sure you have the exact fare. Drivers don't carry change. And it's impossible to retrieve or refund any money or tokens once it's in the fare box.

Using a pass? Just show it to the driver.

Not familiar with a stop or need additional information? Now's the time to step aside, and talk to the driver. He will watch out for you and let you know when The Bus is approaching your stop.

Choose a Seat

The first row bus seats are reserved for:

  • The elderly.
  • Those passengers with disabilities.
  • Passengers with small children.

Stow Your Stuff

To prevent tripping hazards and provide for an emergency exit, all aisles must be kept free of obstructions. Personal belongings must fit, and be securely stowed, between the seats.
Fasten Your Seatbelt

For your safety, everyone must fasten their seatbelts when riding The Bus. Seatbelts must remain fastened while The Bus is in motion. And can only be removed after The Bus comes to a complete stop.

Passengers needing a medical exemption for seatbelt use can provide The Bus with a physician's certificate stating it is unsafe for the passenger to use a seatbelt due to their medical condition.

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Enjoy the Ride

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Bus ride is as safe a way to travel as possible.

  • The Bus meets all DOT public transportation requirements.
  • Every bus is thoroughly inspected, each day, before use.
  • The driver is CDL certified, with a current medical, passenger endorsements, trained in CPR, and safe driver certified by the Transportation Safety Institute.

Traffic delays? Not to worry. All buses communicate with each other. And drivers make sure that transferring passengers will not miss their next connection due to a late bus.