The Bus and CATC

Employs a certified trainer.

Our buses meet all State and Federal safety regulations. And The Bus is equipped with security cameras.

Each morning, every operational bus must pass a thorough safety inspection. A 51 item checklist insures the buses are ready to safely transport passengers.

The Drivers

Our drivers have commercial drivers licenses with passenger endorsements, and current DOT medical certificates.

Drivers are certified in Safe Driver, Blood-borne Pathogens, and Passenger Assistance by the Transit Safety Institute. All drivers are CPR certified.

The Passenger

The Bus and CATC are only part of the safety equation. Our passengers are an integral component of safety as well. Understanding and practicing the Rider’s Code of Conduct is essential for a safe and secure bus ride. For the safest trip possible, everyone should report any:

  • Suspicious behavior.
  • Suspicious or unattended items.
  • Unusual smoke, vapor, odor, or leaking fluid.
  • Dangerous activity.
  • Unsafe conditions.
  • Follow the drivers direction.