Get Off The Bus

The Bus drives by all bus stops unless there are  passengers waiting at the stop, or someone on The Bus wants to get off there. It is necessary to request a stop if you want to get off The Bus.


About a block before a stop, drivers announce the bus stop. That’s your signal, pull the signal cord located above the windows.

The stop request sign, above the windshield at the front of the bus, will light up.

If the sign doesn’t light up, pull the cord again. Or immediately tell the driver you need the next stop.

Drivers won’t risk passenger safety to accommodate a late or missed pull. And The Bus will drive by that stop. Passengers are welcome to ride to the next closest stop.

Stay seated until The Bus comes to a complete stop. Once stopped:

  • Unfasten your seatbelt.
  • Check for personal belongings. Don’t leave anything behind including trash.
  • Use handrails and seat backs for support.
  • Carefully descend the stairs.
  • Step away from The Bus.
  • Restrain children and animals.
  • Don’t cross the street in front of The Bus.
  • Wait until The Bus has left the stop before crossing the street.