Riding CATC is just as easy as riding The Bus. It’s a para transit door-to-door service that requires passenger registration and reservations. To ride CATC, a passenger must:

  1. Register  at the CATC office.
  2. Make Reservations by calling 265-1313 the day before no later than 3:00pm for next day service. Two days is recommended.
  3. Meet CATC . Be ready to board when the bus arrives. Drivers can only wait 3 minutes then they must leave for the passenger.
  4. Share the Trip. CATC does not provide direct trips.

Trip Tickets

CATC buses do not have a fare boxes. Fares are paid using trip tickets. These are purchased at the Casper Area Transportation Coalition office.

Need tickets and can’t get to the office? Tickets can be mailed to you. Just contact the office and make arrangements.